If you have any questions which are not listed below, please contact us via email or using the support tab on the left of the site. We try and answer all support queries as quickly as possible. Sometimes, during busy periods there can be a slight delay so please be patient with us, we value your custom. In order for us to serve you best, please read the cannabis seed FAQ thoroughly before submitting a support request.

1Which countries to you ship to?We deliver seeds worldwide to ALL countries. For more information about shipping and stealth delivery please visit this page for more details.
2What will show on my Bank Statement?We appreciate the need for privacy when buying souvenir seeds and for this reason a seperate business name (web design) unrelated to this site will show on your bank statement for complete peace of mind.
3Can I have a discount or free seeds?We give free seeds with every single order, if you have any preference in terms of sativa/indica let us know in your order notes and we will try our best to accomodate.
4Is it illegal for me to order seeds?We are based in the UK where owning and collecting cannabis seeds is totally legal. We supply seeds for collection only and to help preserve rare and endangered strains. It may be legal for you to order but you are responsible for abiding by the laws in your country.
5I ordered a long time ago and it still hasn’t arrived?!Please click on the support tab a the bottom of any page. If you submit a ticket with the same name and email as you used when you ordered we can check it and get back to you.
6I just ordered, how long does it take to arrive?We will ship it within 3-5 days from it being placed. It can then take anywhere between a week to 5 weeks depending on your location to arrive. If it is not legal in your country then customs can seize the seeds, but this is in our terms and conditions.
7I can’t order, I keep getting an error message. Can you help?Please call your credit or debit card provider. The number is usually on the back of the card. If you tell them you are trying to buy a gift online from a company in the UK and they should allow it. Then try and place your order again. This usually works.
8Can you recommend a good strain or seed to buy?We can only tell you what is popular. Our most popular products are displayed on our homepage. Hope this helps.
9I bought some seeds, how do I grow them?We cannot recommend or condone growing the seeds as germinating them where we are based is not legal.
10I’d like a different number of seeds than what is available. Can you send me 25?It’s great you’re so keen! 🙂 You will need to add more than one pack or a greater pack size. For example you can add 5 packs of 5 if those options are available.
11What does regular price mean? Why is it different to the price I see?That means the product is on sale! You can get it cheaper by adding it to your cart.
12Why is my order on hold?It has been marked as ‘on hold’ for review as it received a higher than normal fraud rating. To get this resolved, please click on the support tab to the left and submit a ticket stating why your order may have looked suspicious and that it was indeed you who placed the order.
13What courier do you use?We use Royal Mail and local postal services, although for some items we change to a more suitable service provider.
14Why won’t my order go through?This is likely because we are based in another country. If you call your bank and let them know your having trouble they can allow the transaction. You can just tell them you are buying an online gift from the UK.
15Do you accept PayPal?No sorry we don’t. However we do offer other very secure methods of payment such as bank transfer and Bitcoin. We offer payment via debit or credit card but you’ll need to check which options are available at the checkout.
16I received my pen, DVD, t-shirt or tote bag but there is no seeds inside it?Please take it apart carefully and look inside. They are in there.
17I found my tracking number. But it’s not working.www.royalmail.com/track-trace is the URL used to track your item in the UK, once it has reached its destination country it can be tracked using the local postal system. If it says incorrect then please try again in a day or so.
18Here is my order number … Please can you help me track my order?You can find this number which usually begins with two letters in your account with us when logged in. You can then copy and paste it into www.royalmail.com/track-trace
19I’m looking for something which doesn’t smell too much. What can you recommend?Seeds do not smell, so you are in luck. They are very small and we ship them along with other items. Please see out delivery and stealth shipping policies for more details.
20My order never came? If I order again how can I be sure it will come? I understand customs could seize it or it could get lost in the mail.We have an option for tracked delivery. Just tick the box before checkout and we will resend your order if it doesn’t get to you in 8 weeks. We track every order so we can monitor each order as it is on route.
21Can you please ship my item with something else? I’d like it shipped with X or Y.Unfortunately we only ship with the items listed on our delivery page. In our experience these items provide the necessary stealth desired by our customers, they’re light weight and useful to keep a hold of.
22I placed an order and it went through but I didn’t get an invoice email and it’s not showing on my account or my account doesn’t exist?!Don’t worry. If there is an error or and issue with our servers then your transaction may have been authorised but it wouldn’t have been captured. This means by default your money will be refunded in the default 30 days. This is a very rare occurrence and we fix it very quickly. If you are still worried please open a Support Ticket and we’ll try to look into it further.
23I received my order today and all I found in the package was a t-shirt / bag / pen etc. and no seeds?!If there is no customs sticker on the parcel then your seeds are in there. Please open and shake the t-shirt / tote bag thoroughly and your seeds will fall out. If you have a pen then please dismantle it completely and use a pointy object to poke the seeds out as they can get wedged inside.