Northern Lights #5 – 5 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Multiple Cup Winner and Building Block of many modern classics.


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Northern Lights #5 – 5 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced smoker, it’s almost impossible that you haven’t tried some variation of Northern Lights. Although said to originate in the United States during the 1970s, Northern Lights seeds made its way to Amsterdam’s first seed bank in 1985. The American genetics were bred with a Thai sativa and backcrossed to stability. Northern Lights #5 was said to be the strongest of the new crosses and eventually took over as the most widespread successor in the lineage. NL#5 is the perfect choice for cannabis lovers searching for the quintessential classic indica strain.


Northern Lights #5 is a stunning strain to see. The nuggets are dark green with purple hues and orange hairs. The buds are sticky, dense, but still springy and delicate. Northern Lights has a minimal amount of leaf on the buds. Long sections between the calyxes and stems make this a quick and effortless strain to trim.

Flavors & Aroma

NL#5 has the classic skunky Amsterdam smell with tropical orange and grape juice flavors. The smoke tastes like piney juniper and evergreen with a smooth hash and buttery kush aftertaste.

Northern Lights Effects

Northern Lights is 90% indica with a THC content of 24% with > 1% of CBD. A thick and dreamy body buzz gradually melts away all pain and anxiety. The high is happy, lighthearted, and dissolves into laughter. Chronic pain and inflammation, as well as stomach issues like acid reflux and IBS, seem to be relieved by NL#5. Favored for night time use, Northern Lights is relaxing without leaving you stunned or brain dead feeling.

Growing Northern Lights Seeds

NL#5 is stable and easy to grow with uniform growth and short flowering time. Indoor plants finish flowering within 8 weeks although, that time can be shortened when growing in a hydro setup. 14-18oz/m2 is the standard indoor yield. Outdoors, it will pull off a harvest of 18oz/plant. Outdoor plants grow vigorously and have a beautiful amber coating of resin. Northern Lights Strain thrives in a warm Mediterranean climate with organic nutrients.

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Northern Lights #5 – 5 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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